wellnessappleIn a surprise announcement at tonight’s board meeting, Pasadena Elementary School was recognized as the sole 2015 AACPS Wellness School of Distinction. The award recognizes schools that demonstrate a high priority for the health and well-being of students, staff, and school support­ers by going beyond the curriculum to produce positive outcomes for the entire school community.

“A focus on wellness as individuals and for our schools is critical to our work,” Dr. Arlotto said. “When we use a healthy mindset as an approach to educating and role modeling for our young people, we give them an awesome advantage to be successful in and out of the classroom.”

In order to win the prestigious honor, schools must show significant effort in establishing initiatives that comprehensively address the components of a coordinated school health model as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control: health education, physical activity, school health services, nutrition, mental wellness, school environment, staff health, and family/community involvement.

From raising funds for health causes, earning Green School status, hosting health and nutrition presentations, and conducting several physical activities that involve students, staff, and parents, Pasadena has created a thriving culture of wellness.

As an extension of the AACPS Wellness Committee and policy, the award is given annually.