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As it nears the end of its new school facilities study, MGT of America is conducting a second public survey to garner community input.

This survey is designed to gauge the needs of county residents with regard to school facilities and programs, preferences on the size of schools, and opinions about equity between and among school offerings. The surveys can be found here [1].

MGT previously held public meetings in March and May. The firm will compile the information from both surveys and use it in the preparation of a final report to the school system. An overview of the study process can be found here [2].

The $313,667 contract between MGT of America and the County signed earlier this year will develop a new blueprint for renovation and construction over the coming decade. It calls for work to be performed and a report submitted in time to shape decisions for the Fiscal Year 2017 capital budget, which will be presented to the Board of Education in September. The County, using funding that the County Council set aside for this purpose two years ago, executed the agreement in order to expedite the process.

MGT, which conducted the 2006 study on which the last decade of school construction projects has been based, will utilize some of the historical documentation it has on hand from that effort as well as new information gleaned from this initiative.

As part of the process, MGT will:

A final report will be delivered to the Board of Education in August.

The MGT study was previous discussed at Board of Education meetings on November 5, 2014 [3], and February 18, 2015 [4]. Click on the date to see the videos of those discussions.