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The Board of Education of Anne Arundel County tonight declined to approve any of the redistricting plans that would have helped relieve overcrowding at Tyler Heights Elementary School, opting instead to await the completion of area school renovation projects and the new comprehensive school facilities study before revisiting the issue.

“Throughout this process there have been countless hours of conversation and significant input from the public about the options we were considering,” Board President Stacy Korbelak said. “It has become clear to me that a partial redistricting is not in the best interests of our students. There are too many moving parts, including the pending Monarch charter school, the MGT study, and more development in the Annapolis area. Further, while everyone concedes there is a substantial issue with Tyler Heights, families at the school do not want their children moved to different schools multiple times in the next few years and would rather stay the course at this point.”

The Board directed Superintendent George Arlotto to come up with a plan to present at the May 20 Board meeting that would put measures in place to relieve overcrowding at Tyler Heights in the next school year. The school has a state-rated capacity of 442 students and an official 2014-2015 enrollment of 602 students. The school has 13 portable classrooms.

By 7-0 votes, the Board declined to implement the following four options with regard to Tyler Heights:

By a 7-0 vote, the Board did approve a plan to adjust the boundary between Mills-Parole Elementary and Edgewater Elementary to reallocate properties along Admiral Cochrane Drive (including Knights of Columbus property) to Mills-Parole Elementary.