During a five-day period during the Thanksgiving holiday, all secondary schools were challenged to conserve energy by unplugging most electrical devices as part of the Gobble Up Energy Savings campaign. As a result, $12,306 was saved in comparison to the amount of energy used during the same time period last year.

Among high schools, Meade reduced its electricity consumption by 32,532 kilowatt hours (kWh) followed by Chesapeake (-22,018 kWh) and South River (-13,619 kWh). The total high school energy reduction was 14.64 percent, which resulted in cost savings of $8,112.

At the middle school level, Chesapeake Bay was the frontrunner with a 68.05 percent change from the previous year, using 33,228 kWh less. Corkran and Severna Park followed with 25.4 percent and 18.61 percent changes, respectively. The total middle school energy reduction was 11.95 percent which resulted in cost savings of $4,194.

The top three schools for each level earned certificates and prizes for school staff. Savings accrued through conservation benefits the school system’s general fund.

Another contest is planned for the Christmas/Winter break.