The Board of Education has appointed four new members to its Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) and shifted the representation of two other members to fill all but one vacancy on the group.

Appointed by the Board at its December 10 meeting were:

  • Karen Broseker, Northeast cluster secondary schools representative
  • Jack Neill, Southern cluster secondary schools representative
  • Thomas Spangler III, at-large countywide representative
  • Lillie Odessa Ellis, at-large countywide representative

In addition, the Board moved the following members from at-large members to representing specific clusters:

  • Edmund Barrett, now Arundel Cluster secondary schools representative
  • Marsha Turner, now Meade Cluster elementary schools representative

The 29-member panel advises the Board on issues affecting the school system. It consists of: two members from each high school cluster, one representing elementary schools and one representing secondary schools; two at-large county-wide representatives; one at-large member designated by the President of the Anne Arundel County Council of PTAs to represent its interests; one at-large member designated by the Special Education Citizen Advisory Committee to represent special education interests across the county; and one at-large member designated by the Chairperson of the Parent Involvement Advisory Council to represent its interests across the county.

Vacant seat

The Board is accepting applications for the seat on the panel representing elementary schools in the Chesapeake cluster, which is currently vacant. Anyone wishing to apply for the seat must submit an application, which can be found here. Applications must be received at the Board of Education by the close of business on Friday, January 9, 2015.

Pursuant to Administrative Regulation KBA-RA, applications will be reviewed by a screening committee consisting of a designee of the Board President, a designee of the chair of the Countywide Citizen Advisory Committee, a principal designated by the Associate Superintendent for School Performance, and the Senior Manager of School and Family Partnerships. A recommendation from the screening committee will be forwarded to the Board at a subsequent meeting.

For more information on the CAC, click here.