Twelve middle school and 13 high school students will showcase their skills and abilities throughout the school year as part of Anne Arundel County Public Schools’ Middle School and High School dance ensembles.

The Middle School Dance Ensemble is in its third year. Members must be a member in good standing in their school’s Dance Company, be in good academic standing, and commit to performing in all nine AACPS Dance Festivals.

In order to audition to be a member of the High School Dance Ensemble, dancers must be members in good standing on their high school’s Dance Company, maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average, and have the recommendation of their company director. The ensemble performs in all nine Anne Arundel County Dance Festivals, in other dance concerts, and by invitation throughout the school year.

Members of the Anne Anne Arundel County High School Dance Ensemble are:

  • Alyssa Corse, Annapolis High School
  • Shannon Fitzpatrick, Broadneck High School
  • Caroline Gassert, Annapolis High School
  • Kelsie Hicks, Severna Park High School
  • Sammie Haughton, Severna Park High School
  • Amber Hodak, Old Mill High School
  • Juliette Mack, Meade High School
  • Madeline Ostenso, Annapolis High School
  • Brittney Prestridge, Meade High School
  • Michelle Rackley, Arundel High School
  • Matthew Standerski, Annapolis High School
  • Elda Trombley, Broadneck High School
  • Hannah Tucker, Southern High School

Members of the Anne Arundel County Middle School Dance Ensemble are:

  • Mahalia Alascio, Bates Middle School
  • Erin Bast, Severna Park Middle School
  • Casie Curry, Old Mill South Middle School
  • Faith Bender, Severna Park Middle School
  • Hunter Brandenburg, Southern Middle School
  • Ebony Harris, Southern Middle School
  • Aryanna Jennifer, Brooklyn Park Middle School
  • Sarah Leizear, Bates Middle School
  • Lily Peaper, Southern Middle School
  • Egypt Pryor, Bates Middle School
  • Sophia Rice, Bates Middle School
  • Taylor Young, Annapolis Middle School

Anne Arundel County Public Schools has a nationally recognized K-12 fine arts dance program. At the elementary level, programs include dance assemblies, Dance Days, fifth-grade Ballroom Dance, American Traditional Dance Residencies, and an Arts Integration Dance Residency and Performance with the Ballet Theatre of Maryland. Elementary schools also have after-school Dance Companies that perform in the Anne Arundel County Public Schools Dance Festivals.

A variety of in-school courses as well as after-school Dance Company programs are available to middle and high school students.

To see the High School Dance Ensemble, click here.

To see the Middle School Dance Ensemble, click here.

For more information on the dance program, visit www.aacps.org/dance.