Incoming Superintendent George Arlotto today submitted a reorganization plan to the Board of Education that is fiscally responsible and is aimed at providing more support to students and staff, increasing efficiency, and enhancing collaboration between departments and offices across the school system.

The new structure, which goes into effect on July 1, 2014, does not increase administrative positions and, through realignments and reclassifications, will save the school system approximately $100,000 in the coming year. It eliminates the Chief of Staff position in favor of a second Deputy Superintendent, who will oversee Curriculum & Instruction; Advanced Studies & Programs; Professional Growth & Development; and Partnerships, Development, & Marketing. Current Deputy Superintendent Arlen Liverman will oversee the Office of School Performance, Student Support Services, Equity and Accelerated Student Achievement, and Human Resources.

Dr. Arlotto, who assumes his new position on July 1, said he worked closely with Interim Superintendent Mamie J. Perkins on the new structure.

“Mrs. Perkins and I have had many, many conversations in recent weeks regarding her observations over the last 11 months and my observations from being in this school system for the last eight years,” Dr. Arlotto said. “Through our separate lenses we have concurred on almost every one of these changes, which are designed to fine-tune a school system that is already one of the best in the state of Maryland and take us to that next level.”

The Board of Education today approved three appointments as part of the reorganization. They are:

  • Dr. Maureen McMahon, currently Assistant Superintendent for Advanced Studies & Programs, to Deputy Superintendent for Academics & Strategic Initiatives.
  • Mary Tillar, currently Executive Director of Special Education, to Assistant Superintendent for Advanced Studies & Programs.
  • Carol Ann McCurdy, currently Senior Manager for Advanced Studies & Programs, to Director of Partnerships, Development & Marketing.

“First and foremost, these are three outstanding people who have been leaders in our school system for a long time,” Dr. Arlotto said. “I am very excited about what the future holds for them and for our school system, and thrilled about the assistance they will be able to provide those who fill their shoes as we move forward.”

Dr. Arlotto said he hopes to fill the Director of Special Education position in the near future and have that person in place well before the new school year starts.

The Superintendent of Schools has the ability each year to provide the Board of Education with information regarding structural changes to the organization. Mrs. Perkins said she had formulated many thoughts regarding possible changes but delegated the final decisions to Dr. Arlotto once the Board decided on him to be the school system’s next Superintendent.

“It only makes sense that the organizational chart reflects his beliefs as to how best to move the school system forward,” she said.

A complete organizational chart can be found here.