At least 20 schools will be under new leadership when schools open in the fall as a result of the latest round of promotions approved and reassignments reviewed today by the Board of Education of Anne Arundel County. While several appointments have yet to be made, at least eight schools will have leaders in their first year as a principal in Anne Arundel County when classes resume in August.

The Board today approved the promotions of four people to principal positions. They are:

  • Stacy Fleisher, assistant principal at Folger McKinsey Elementary, to principal at South Shore Elementary
  • Amanda Salveron, assistant principal at Richard Henry Lee Elementary, to principal at Overlook Elementary
  • Patricia Kelly, teacher specialist, Central Office, to principal at Ruth Parker Eason Special School
  • Eugene Whiting, assistant principal at George Fox Middle, to principal at MacArthur Middle

Also today, the Board reviewed the following reassignments of principals across the school system:

  • Rachel Amstutz, principal at South Shore Elementary, to principal at Bodkin Elementary
  • Kristie Battista, principal at Overlook Elementary, to principal at Marley Elementary
  • Kathleen FitzGerald, principal at Tracey’s Elementary, to principal at Mayo Elementary
  • Stacy Gray, principal at MacArthur Middle, to principal at Brock Bridge Elementary
  • Kirk Greubel, principal at Mayo Elementary, to principal at Central Elementary
  • John Noon, principal at Brock Bridge Elementary, to principal at Broadneck Elementary
  • Kathleen Panagopulos, principal returning from sabbatical, to principal at Belvedere Elementary
  • Karen Soneira, principal at Maryland City Elementary, to principal at Germantown Elementary
  • Rebecca Schou, principal at Edgewater Elementary, to principal at Tracey’s Elementary

At its May 21, 2014, meeting, the Board reviewed the appointments and approved the promotions of:

  • Dr. Shawn Ashworth, senior manager of discipline and disproportionality and former principal of Arundel Middle School, to principal at J. Albert Adams Academy
  • Shira Dowling, assistant principal at Tyler Heights Elementary School, to principal at Rolling Knolls Elementary
  • Kevin Hamlin, assistant principal at Old Mill High, to principal at Southern High.
  • Tamara Kelly, assistant principal at Hillsmere Elementary, to principal at Belle Grove Elementary
  • Bonnie Myers, acting principal at Southgate Elementary, to principal at Southgate Elementary

The Board still must make principal appointments at Edgewater and Maryland City elementary schools.

Most of the leadership changes will take effect June 25. A complete list of promotions and reassignments can be found in the For Your Information section of the school system’s website,