The Board of Education has unanimously approved changes in the 2014-2015 school year that clearly address the handling of inclement weather closings and allow parents to make plans for Easter/Spring break and summer vacations.

Under the revisions approved by the Board on May 7, 2014, five days are built into the calendar for inclement weather closings as opposed to the four included in past years. Should more than five days be necessary, the sixth through ninth days will be taken, in order, from the first four days of Easter/Spring break (March 30, 2015, through April 2, 2015).

The calendar further stipulates that should any or all of the sixth through ninth days be needed for inclement weather closings after April 2, 2015, the necessary makeup days would be added onto the end of the school year. Any additional days necessary beyond the ninth day, regardless of when they occur, would also be added to the end of the school year.

“These changes come in light of tremendous response to a survey of parents, students, and employees, and should allow everyone to have a clear understanding of the process our school system intends to follow with regard to makeup days,” Interim Superintendent Mamie J. Perkins said. “Because we cannot predict the number of days we will need for inclement weather, I would urge parents and employees not to schedule vacations for Easter/Spring break or for the week that classes are scheduled to end in June.”

Under the approved calendar, schools and offices would still be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday, with no plans to utilize those days as makeup days. The 2014-2015 school year is scheduled to start on Monday, August 25, 2014, and end on Thursday, June 18, 2015.

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