You might say being a school safety patroller is in Josh Brew’s blood. The Crofton Woods Elementary School student is a third-generation safety patroller, in fact, and still has the belt his grandfather wore in his school days.

So perhaps it’s no surprise that Josh is good at what he does. He’s so good, in fact, that the fifth-grader has been named Anne Arundel County Public Schools’ Outstanding School Safety Patroller of the Year. 

Sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Foundation for Safety and Education of the American Automobile Association (AAA), the award includes a personalized plaque displaying a gold safety patrol badge, a $150 savings bond, and recognition at a special luncheon. 

“Josh Brew is a principal’s ideal safety,” Crofton Woods Elementary School Principal John Barzal said. “He demonstrates unwavering diligence towards his responsibilities. In my 13 years as a school administrator, I have never witnessed anyone so dedicated, focused, and committed to providing for the safety of our students.”

Known for his incredible work ethic, unassuming manner, and friendly demeanor that puts students and adults alike at ease, Josh is regarded as one of the best safety patroller the school has ever had. Outside of those duties and his outstanding academic work, Josh volunteers at the Crofton Convalescent Center with other students, and is a member of the school’s chorus and band.

The AAA School Safety Patrol program was established in 1920, and more than 560,000 children currently participate in the program nationwide.  Josh is one of about 100 recipients representing the 91,000 patrollers throughout the AAA mid-Atlantic region.  Criteria for the award includes: leadership, sound academics, promptness, neatness, and industriousness while protecting their fellow students as they travel to and from school.